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Our Mission

What We Stand For

At Rethink Social Education, we are active participants in social justice. Our programs teach young people how to make empowered decisions, so that they, too, can advocate for themselves and others. 
Our Programs

We provide age-appropriate, inclusive, meaningful and relevant social education for grades K-12.

Our programs are designed with diverse learners in mind. We understand that all youth have the right to accessible social, sexual and mental health education.

Rethink comes from an awareness perspective rather than a preventative one; we consider social, sexual and mental health to be an important component of overall health and should not be treated as problematic.

We offer 3 different modes of delivery so that all students can benefit from our programs. Please refer to our Programs tab for details.

Ultimately, Rethink Social Education seeks to revolutionize how social, sexual and mental health education is taught in schools and organizations. 

Our Vision

We believe that creating a culture of consent begins in Kindergarten.

Much like the building blocks of math, comprehensive social health education starts with the basics and gradually expands students’ knowledge over time. Concepts are introduced at age-appropriate levels and we aim to teach youth the content BEFORE they need it.

The primary years are an opportune time for students to learn about body autonomy, assertive communication, gender identity and expression, gender stereotypes and interpersonal relationships with family and peers.

The intermediate years offer opportunities for students to develop their: relationship skills, media literacy, self-esteem and understanding of sexual orientation and gender identities. It is also essential that they learn about the physical, emotional and mental changes that occur during puberty.

As youth shift into puberty, they become increasingly curious about different aspects of sexuality. This is a highly formative time for self and social identities to develop. Students need guidance on how to make informed decisions in regards to their social, sexual and mental health. This is the time when most mental health concerns surface, so education around mental wellness is essential for all young people.

Even though youth at this age have a great deal of independence, they still need help navigating the challenges of adolescence. We help them make informed choices in regards to healthy relationships, pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, sexual wellness, pornography use, online dating and the shift into adulthood. Mental health education is essential at this age so youth have a strong platform from which to launch into adulthood is key. 

A Message From

Our Founder

The call to create comprehensive sexual health education content came to me in my first year of teaching. 

I was 25 years old and teaching Drama 8. One of the students asked to see me privately and told me that Cathy (name has been changed), an international student, told her that the only difference between boys and girls is that “boys have short hair and girls have long hair.” The 3 of us met and I asked Cathy one question: “How do you think babies are made?” Cathy replied that “Mommy and Daddy hold hands under the blanket.”

My immediate reaction was that this child was in danger. I contacted our International Student Coordinator and she brought in a speaker to cover the basics with all of our international students. 

That was in 2002. 


Over the next 20 years, I steered my teaching, then counselling practice towards what I term Social Education, of which Sexual Health Education is a component. I believe that it is imperative that kids learn skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives, such as respecting body autonomy and resolving conflict.

I created Rethink Sex Education, Inc. to bring the content I’ve created to your child’s school. I have designed the lessons much like the building blocks of math; students start with basics and add to them each year.

My vision is to use this holistic approach to shift our culture to one of consent. 

To learn how to bring our programs to your child’s school, book a free 15-minute discovery call.


Kristy Abel

M. Ed. Counselling Psychology 

Founder and Director of Rethink Sex Education, Inc.