Testimonials from Students

What Kids are Saying

Personal Safety

I learned what we should do when someones getting bullyed. (Male – Grade 4)

I learned do not trust stranger online. (Male – Grade 4)

I learned upstander and bystander. (Male – Grade 4)

I learned turn you location off and online bullying. (Female – Grade 4)

I learned what to do when I get cyberbullyed. (Female – Grade 4)

Puberty: It’s Inevitable

I learned about the signs that you’re entering puberty. (Female – Grade 5)

My favourite part was saying that a girl can get their groth spert later because a lot of people have been bulling me because of my height. (Female – Grade 5)

I liked how it talked about how everyone is going to go threw puberty. (Female – Grade 5)

The videos were my favorite because they were funny nad it held my interest. (Male – Grade 6)

I learned that puberty is normal and it can happen at different times. (Female – Grade 6)

I learned that puberty can be even harder for people like me. (Bi-gender, Grade 6)

I loved the Oh No BO song. (Male – Grade 5)

I learned all about puberty and my pirid with what to do. (Female – Grade 5)

Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

I learned that some people change their gender every day. (Male – Grade 5)

My favourite part was the pronouns. (Male – Grade 5)

When we talked about the LGBTQ2S+, the presenter made me feel comfortable talking about all the genders. (Non-binary – Grade 5)

I learned that its ok to be you if thats how you feel you are. (Female – Grade 5) 

My favourit part was talking about bi sexual because I’m Bi. (Female – Grade 5)

Body Image

Learning how the people in magazines (etc.) were mostly photoshop. (Male – Grade 6)

My favourite part was when Ms. Abel showed us that photoshop can do a lot to our body. (Female – Grade 6)

I learned that I’m not the only one judging myself, even people I want to be are insecure sometimes. (Gender fluid – Grade 6) 

The videos were my favorite because they were funny nad it held my interest. (Male – Grade 6)

I like the vid explaining gender dysphoria one was a good choice and relatable in a way. (No gender – Grade 6)

I liked it when it said it doesn’t matter what shape you are we are all just skeletons inside. (Male – Grade 7)

I am gender fluid. So it’s an ongoing change of how I feel. When I’m male I don’t like my body. When I’m female I love my body. When I’m neither I’m off and on. I liked the affirmation tips. (Gender Fluid – Grade 7)

I learned that size doesn’t matter. (Male – Grade 7)

My favourite part is that y body is mine and I like my own body. (Male – Grade 6)

I learned not to compaer yourself. (Female – Grade 6)

Body Autonomy, Relationships & Consent

My favourite part was learning about different type of relationships and consent. (Male – Grade 7).

The infuesiasam of my presenter was a great. (Mostly female – Grade 7)

Something I have learned today is you don’t have to always agree with someone. (Female – Grade 6) 

I like the part where it said it’s ok to find someone attractive. (Male – Grade 7) 

The videos were funny and they teach you that you need consent. (She/her – Grade 7) 

I learned that I have to ask my bff to hold their hand. (Female – Grade 7) 

I learned that we can say no if we uncomfortibal. (Female – Grade 6) 

I learned not to panic if someone leaves me on read. (Male – Grade 7)

I thought the sessions were well conceived! The info was broken down into good sized chunks. Bravo! (Teacher – Grade 7)

Online Vulnerability

I liked learning about how digital footprint works. (Non-binary – Grade 7) 

I learned how to avoid scams and child predators at a young age. (Female – Grade 6) 

I learned about how fast things you send to people can get spread and how much people will pressure or begg you to send them a picture you got. (Female – Grade 6) 

My favourite part was learning how to protect ourselves from online scams. (Male – Grade 7) 

I liked the sexting video because it taught a lot. (Gender fluid – Grade 7) 

My favourite part was the explaining about computer footprinting. ((She/her/they – Grade 6) 

Figuring Out Who You Are

I really appreciated that you touched on belief systems and how they change how you perceive relationships + sex but also how they may change over time. (Teacher, grade 7)

I like the mental health part and what it means to be your gender and other genders and what differences they hold. (Female – Grade 7) 

My favourite part was the section about distancing from family and being more close to friends. (Female – Grade 7) 

The mental health and finding out how I as a person is. (Male – Grade 7)

The best part was the talk about anxiety and dipreshen because i think that its really important at our age. (Gender fluid – Grade 7)

Hygiene & Healthy Relationships

The topics covered a great selection of information. It was simple to understand and engaging. (Teacher) 

My favourite part was learning about the types of communication styles. (Female – Grade 8) 

I learned how to communicate with other people. (Male – Grade 8) 

I like that she made it interactive and enjoyable. (Male – Grade 8) 

My favourite part was learning about what a healthy relationship is. (Female – Grade 8) 

I liked the short animation videos. I also liked that it was relatable to kids. (Male – Grade 8) 

Sexual Wellness & Decision Making

I liked learning about ways you can consent. (Male – Grade 8)

The video references like the bicycle thing made it more comfortable to learn about. (Female – Grade 8)

I think it was important to talk about consent. (Female – Grade 8) 

The best parts were the videos in between each slide. The video help to provide students with visuals on context for each term. I also like the personal stories and the locations for clinics. (Teacher) 

Creating Consent Culture

I liked everyone standing up, numbering 123 and sitting down to show how many people get assaulted. (Women – Grade 12)

My favourite part was talking about consent & the cycle of abuse. (Female – Grade 12)

My favourite part was how to practically ask for consent and the repetition of how it’s never the victim’s fault. (Female – Grade 12)

Talking about change in the male gender made me hopeful to what future will change. (Female – Grade 12) 

I liked how it was emphasized that males are usually the abuser and that they are the ones that can truly make a significant difference. (Female – Grade 12)